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Bonnies Bazaar sign hanging from old cottage wall with Victorian street lamp on left and red geraniums on right of narrow street. Between the buildings each side is a narrow passage with a red telephone box at the end.
Bonnie's welcome photo. Bonnie is a West Highland White Terrier. She is wearing a bright pink beanie hat with white flowers print and has a blue, yellow and white floral blouse on. A diva!

Welcome to Bonnie's Bazaar, 


A cosy little place on the internet to spend time browsing the different collections, while enjoying your coffee and maybe a cake?

I hope you find 'that something' you just can't resist. A gift for a friend, family, your home, your pet or a treat for yourself. Just click 'Shop' in the top menu or click on the 'Enter Shop' button to see what's inside Bonnie's Bazaar.

All items are handmade and despatched by Royal Mail within the UK with FREE SHIPPING. 


There is flat rate shipping fees for overseas customers.

Bonnie x

Note: Some items will have different labels, either bonniesbazaar, bonniesfairydoors, or pawjusspets, this is because I have amalgamated all my own items into this one site, but they are still all handmade by me.

A selection of items to tempt you.... ‏

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Lot's more goodies inside, Take a peek, grab a coffee and maybe some cake? 


Just click on 'Shop' in the top main menu. See you there! 

Something Special For Everyone!

Bonnie wearing glasses above the links for Customer Service and Information pages.
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