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Delicate Flower fairy hugging a bottle of Prosecco.

These are made to order and are suitable for weddings or anniversaries, or any occasion where you want to give something a little more luxurious to celebrate the occasion!

The Special Occasion Fairy is dressed in an off white lily dress with yellow rose in her hair, she is holding 2 rings in this photo, as she was a special order for a wedding anniversary.   She is wearing silver sparkly shoes. 

Once she is removed from the bottle, simply slide her over the neck of the bottle, she can then be reposed into a sitting position to perch upon a shelf or bookcase. 

A truly original and charming gift. 

Bottle Fairy will slide over all wine or suitable spirit bottles. A great alternative to decanting wine or spirits as she makes any bottle look charming and attractive. 

Please select which Special Occasion your fairy is for from the drop down box when ordering, and if a custom occasion please either contact me before ordering or select 'Custom Occasion' from the drop down box and include instructions in the note when at checkout. 

Special Occastion Fairy is suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, births, and custom occasion.

Special Occasion Bottle Fairy

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