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Some help with measuring your pet 

(To get the best fit when buying pet clothing)

When measuring your dog for clothing, you take 3 measurements, the neck, the chest and the length. 

The Neck 

This is pretty easy, measure around the neck as if you were measuring for a collar, not too tightly though.


The Chest

This is THE most important measurement. Put a tape measure around your dogs chest just behind his front legs where the chest is the deepest. 


This is from the base of his neck all the way down to the base of his tail. Don't measure the length from behind his head, just from the base of the neck where it joins the spine above the shoulder blades. 

Once you have all three measurements and you've double checked them you should be able to get a perfect fit. 

Not all dogs are the same, as we know, so if you can't decided which size to buy, because only one or two of the measurements match the standard size or is in-between 2 standard sizes, always choose the larger size.


The only time you would need to take a different tack is if you have a short legged breed like a Dachshund or Corgi and other short legged breeds. For example, if you wanted to buy a jumpsuit or pyjamas for your short legged pet you would need to buy a short legged version, or if not available, be prepared to cut some length off the legs and hem the bottoms.


You don’t need to be Stella McCartney or Giorgio Armani, a simple running stitch or any kind of stitch that will hold the hem up, or iron on hemming tape will do. Short legged clothing is not easy to come by and long short legged dogs can be difficult to get clothes for unless they are custom made or you can make them yourself. 

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How to measure your pet

dog measure.png

The measurements below are an average standard measurement for each breed. Measurements can vary in each breed so the standard is only a rough guide. 

With so many 'designer' and first cross breeds now being popular it really is a bit hit and miss to get the perfect fit. 

Standard Breed Size Guide
X Small

Up to 25-35 cm in length

Breeds: Jack Russel, Terrier, Pug, Maltese etc. 


Up to 35-45 cm in length

Breeds: Jack Russel, Terrier, Pug, Maltese etc. 


Up to 45-55 cm in length

Breeds: Cocker spaniel, Border collie etc


Up to 55-65 cm in length

Breeds: Labrador, Golden Retriever etc. 

All about bandana sizes....

One Size Over the Collar Bandanas will

fit all small to medium sized dogs from Jack Russells to Border Collies.

Dogs under Jack Russell size will need a Small and dogs over the size of a Border Collie will need a Large size. Short legged breeds such as Dachshunds need a shorter bandana so a small size bandana is recommended.

Bandanas listed as small, medium or large will generally fit:


Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles and Dachshunds



All breeds from Jack Russell to Border Collie/Labrador



Rottweiller, Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, St Bernards, etc.

Bandana Size Guide with neck measurements

If you have any questions about sizes or need to know which type or size would be best for your pet, please send a message via this site and I'll be happy to advise you. 

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SIZE CHART in cos.jpg
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