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About Bonnie's Bazaar

Bonnie's Bazaar has come about because I wanted to bring together my two online stores, Bonnie's Fairy Doors and Pawjuss Pets and to allow me to offer my other craft items all under one roof. 

Bonnie's Fairy Doors offered everything fairy. There are Flower Fairies made from silk flowers and wire, Guardian and Christmas Angels, Fairy/Angel charms, to name a few.

Pawjuss Pets offered pet accessories and clothing. Everything from bandanas for cats and dogs to snuffle mats to non-chemical flea collars and more.


After the pandemic began I researched and designed high filtration designer face masks and offered them for sale on Pawjuss Pets store, I have now added those to Bonnie's Bazaar 


I've been a crafter and artist all my life. When the pandemic began that put an end to craft fairs so I opened first Bonnie's Fairy Doors online and then shortly after Pawjuss Pets. 


I have tried my hand at most crafts over the years, and have boxes of 'stock' from felted animals to jewellery, paintings and more. 


So with the economic climate as it is at the moment, it made sense to amalgamate my two stores into one and also make the new store somewhere I could offer my other items. 


So Bonnie's Bazaar was born!


Who is Bonnie?


Bonnie was a little Westie with a large following on Twitter, infact she still has. She is well known for showing kindness and giving support to all those that need it and she raised large amounts of money for charities. When she crossed Rainbow Bridge I carried on her Twitter account and 'her work'. I sell my products to raise money for charity after expenses are deducted.

So that's how this little Bazaar came about and why it's called Bonnie's Bazaar. 


I hope you enjoy wandering through it's different sections and that something will catch your eye and tempt you to buy it! 

Oh and don't rush, have a coffee and take your time and relax, Bonnie's Bazaar is hopefully a calm sanctuary where you can come and browse the collections and chill out. Hopefully there will be a chat area soon where everyone can drop in to put the world to rights and meet new friends. 


Bonnie's Bazaar is open 24/7 and items are despatched using a flat rate for both UK and International customers

Take care and I hope you become a regular visitor to Bonnie's Bazaar.

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