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Super comfy pet bandanas with elasticated back. These don't need to be used with a collar threaded through, they just slip over your pet's head. 

In lots of different sizes from XS to XXL and suitable for cats and dogs. Being elastic backs if they get caught up in something it's easily released when your pet pulls away from the obstacle. So quite safe. 

Check the size chart in the images, if your pet is inbetween sizes then go for the next size up.  Each size has some give, so the bandana is not too tight or too loose. 


Super Hero

  • The scrunchy back is much safer than traditional tie on bandanas because should your pet get caught on anything the elasticated back stretches so the bandana slips over the head easily releasing your pet, preventing your pet being trapped or even worse. 

    I can adapt any of my slip through bandanas to a scrunchy back one, so just add a 'scrunchy back' to your basket along with the bandana of. yoru choice. If you want more than one bandana in different patterns just add the same amount of scrunchy backs. 

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