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Our Gorgeous Christmas Rose Fairy is wearing a deep red rose dress trimmed with iridescent glitter on the petal edges, green glitter on flower leaflets. She has a miniature green rose and ribbon in her fabulous honey blonde hair which is a mass of ringlets. Rose red gems on her little feet complete her outfit. Christmas Rose Fairy is holding a sparkly bauble in one hand and her magic wand in the other, while a banner spelling "Merry Christmas" in rainbow beads is suspended between her hands. She has delicate rose red skeletal leaf wings with a red rose gem at  at the base. She is truly beautiful and would make a unique and pretty gift this Christmas, if you can bear to part with her. 

She is fully posable, so you can bend her arms and legs if you wish, although we'd recommend keeping her arms in their current position or her Christmas banner wouldn't look as prominent.

Approximate size: 6.5" to 7" tall

Rose Christmas Fairy will arrive at our home in her own postal box to protect her en route. And as with all our items she is shipped post free within the UK and outside the UK we have a flat rate shipping fee. 

Christmas Rose Fairy

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