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Cute fabric Angel Dog


1. Scruffy Type Terrier - Available

2. Scottie Cross Terrier - Commission

3. Border Terrier - Commission


These adorable Angel Dogs are made with pastel rainbow coloured fabric filled with non allergenic polyester with felt facial features, complete with removable real feather wings. The Angel dogs are adorable and look so cute sat curled up anywhere. They make ideal gifts for someone who has recently lost their pet or as a memorial to your own. 


Angel Dog

  • Both Scottie Cross Terrier and the Border Terrier were commissions. I designed the faces from photographs supplied by the owners. 

    Trying to capture the essence of the pet by using fabric and felt is quite difficult, but both commissions were adored by the owners who told me that I had captured their beloved pet perfectly. 

    If you would like me to make your Angel Cat or Dog, please message me on the site or email me attaching a photograph of your dog or cat. 

    The dogs are larger than the Angel Cats and cost £10 more because each dog is designed individually and therefore takes quite a bit of time to get the faces just right. Whereas the cats are all basically identical.  I can make Angel Dogs for most breeds.  

    These are totally unique and you won't be able to get these anywhere else other than on Bonnie's Bazaar. 

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