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Angel Cats & Dogs

Angel Cats and Dogs make the perfect gift for someone who has lost their pet. At such a sad time it's important to have something physical to hold and to cuddle, when grief and loss seems overwhelming. I decided to design my Angel Cats and Dogs (and other small animals) to fill that gap, to give someone something to hold, to look at and even to talk to. They needed to be cheerful, more a celebration of the pets life, in pastel rainbow colours and feel soft and warm. After several attempts I came up with this design. The cats are all identical in shape, some have tabby stripes in a plain almost transparent pastel fabric and some don't. 

The dogs are all individual, as there are so many varied and different breeds. So my Angel Dogs are a little bigger, and each one's head and face is sculpted in felt to almost cartoonise a particular breed so it can be easily recognised as a Border Terrier, Scottie, Dachshund, or whatever breed it is. But they are also individuals, so if there isn't one from stock that you would like, then please email me with a photo of the pet you want 'Angelised' so I can capture the essence of the pet in the facial expression of the Angel animal.  They will never be like a portrait, they're not meant to be, but will be a pretty good resemblance of a loved and treasured pet.  

All the Angel animals come with removable feathered wings, they just tuck in securely behind the head, and the head is posable so you can decide which way you want the head to point, and move it around for a change. You can remove the wings altogether if you prefer, they do have a loop attached so you can hang them somewhere such as a Christmas Tree or on a picture frame.


There is a lot of work goes into the design stage of the Angel Dog commissions. So therefore they are £10 more than the Angel Cats. They also take longer to make. But no longer than a week. So if you would like your dog or cat made into a fabric Angel just email me via the website with a photograph of the pet.  I also make Angel Rabbits, both upright and floppy eared.

My Angel animals are not available anywhere else, only from my shop here, so you will have something totally unique, different and exclusive. Designed and made by me, and each one made with love. 

Here are a couple of commissions so you can compare my Angel Dogs to their photographs.

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 16.28.26.png
Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 16.26.00.png

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